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Going to the charming city of Amsterdam? Book a car rental via VIPCars

Make the most of your trip to Amsterdam by booking an affordable car rental deal through VIPCars as our suppliers provide services at all the top locations of the city to make your sightseeing comfortable and convenient. We have a wide fleet of cars, a 24*7 customer support, world-famous supplier brands and many more advantages with our deals. Our fleet of cars for Amsterdam consists of cars with both automatic as well as manual transmission and the procedure to book a car rental through our website is very easy and quick.

Our top car rental companies in Amsterdam

  • Car Rental Amsterdam - Netherlands - VIP Cars (1)Europcar
  • Car Rental Amsterdam - Netherlands - VIP Cars (2)Alamo
  • Car Rental Amsterdam - Netherlands - VIP Cars (3)ACE
  • Car Rental Amsterdam - Netherlands - VIP Cars (4)Sixt
  • Car Rental Amsterdam - Netherlands - VIP Cars (5)Enterprise

Top car hire locations in Amsterdam

The following are the car rental locations in Seychelles where you can pick or drop-off your car:

  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS)
  • Amsterdam Centraal Railway Station
  • Amsterdam Downtown
  • Amsterdam West
  • Bijlmer-Centrum
  • Hotel Novotel
  • Zuid
  • Vondelbuurt

A few tips about driving in Amsterdam

  • It will be wise to get familiar with the traffic rules of Netherlands before you start driving in Amsterdam.

  • Amsterdam has very narrow streets, so you might like a small car there.

  • Use Park & Ride facility to park your vehicle before you head to use the public transport.

What is the minimum required age for renting a car in Amsterdam?

19 is the minimum age required to rent a car in Netherlands, with a driving license held by the renter for at least one year. Drivers under the age of 25 might have to pay a young driver’s surcharge when collecting the car rental.

What are the easy steps for booking a cheap car rental in Amsterdam?

  • Our website has a very easy and quick procedure for booking a car rental for Amsterdam. You just have to select any location of Amsterdam from the form and the time period for the car rental. Please enter your age so that we could list the car rental deals according to that. If you face any problems during booking then you can contact our customer care representatives round the clock.
  • The next page will show all the matching car rentals available for Amsterdam for the dates you select. You can choose the car category from above and you can even change the currency to view the prices in any preferred currency. Our page is multi-lingual, so you can change the language as well. Use our price filter to view the deals that fit into your budget. View the car rentals brand-wise by selecting a brand of your choice from the left-hand side. For Amsterdam, you have the option of selecting either a manual car or an automatic one.
  • After comparing all the deals, you can proceed with the payment by adding extras to the rental and filling in your details. The booking is confirmed when you make the advance online payment on our website.

Visiting Amsterdam

The capital city of Netherlands is well-known for its canal system and narrow houses with gabled facades which are the legacies of the city’s 17th century Golden Age. It has a Museum District with famous museums like the Van Gogh Museum. You are likely to see many cyclists in Amsterdam on the many cycling tracks of the city. A budget car rental will help you get through the beautiful city and its surroundings.

Popular attractions of Amsterdam

  • Car Rental Amsterdam - Netherlands - VIP Cars (6)

    Anne Frank House

    Drive from Downtown : 9 min (2.0 km) via Keizersgracht.

    Prinsengracht 263-267, 1016 GV Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    Anne Frank House is a World War II house of the teenage Jewish diarist, Anne Frank, turned into a biographical museum.

  • Car Rental Amsterdam - Netherlands - VIP Cars (7)


    Drive from Downtown : 1 h 14 min (103.7 km) via A2 and A27.

    Europalaan 1, 5171 KW Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands.

    A fairy-tale themed amusem*nt park with famous rides like Baron 1898 and Dreamflight.

  • Car Rental Amsterdam - Netherlands - VIP Cars (8)


    Drive from Downtown : 10 min (2.2 km) via Keizersgracht.

    Borough: Amsterdam-Centrum. Province: North Holland.

    Trendy eateries along the narrow canals and streets of Jordaan have indie shopping as well as pubs.

  • Car Rental Amsterdam - Netherlands - VIP Cars (9)

    Science Center NEMO

    Drive from Downtown : 13 min (3.8 km) via Keizersgracht.

    Oosterdok 2, 1011 VX Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    A waterfront boat-like museum and science center with interactive exhibits located in the Amsterdam-Centrum borough.

  • Car Rental Amsterdam - Netherlands - VIP Cars (10)

    Stedelijk Museum

    Drive from Downtown : 11 min (2.5 km) via Stadhouderskade/s100.

    Museumplein 10, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    A museum of contemporary art and design, well-known as Stedelijk.

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Car Rental Amsterdam - Netherlands - VIP Cars (2024)


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