Lena The Plug: Everything We Know About The YouTuber And Adult Entertainer (2024)

If you don’t know who Lena The Plug is, it’s time to get familiar. She’s a social media influencer raking in seven-figure paychecks from adults-only content. With millions of online followers, it’s only a matter of time before she pops up in your newsfeed. We did a deep dive to find out everything there is to know about the social media superstar.

Who Is Lena The Plug?

Lena The Plug, born Lena Nersesian, is an Armenian American internet personality and adult entertainer. Born on July 1, 1991, she was raised by strict Christian parents who found it inappropriate to discuss anything related to sexuality. Inher first-ever YouTube video, she discussed how even a show like Boy Meets Worldwas too risqué in her childhood home.

After finishing high school, Lena attended the University of California and graduated with a degree in psychology. She was accepted into grad school but decided not to go because it was too expensive. Instead, Lena spent a year studying at Lund University in Sweden, then returned home and entered the workforce. While working at a social media startup, her coworkers gave her the nickname, “Lena The Plug.”

Lena The Plug Is Disrupting The Adult Entertainment Industry

With a psychology degree under her belt, it wasn’t Lena’s intention to launch a career in adult entertainment. But after growing tired of her regular 9-5 paychecks, she started working as a Snapchat model, much to the chagrin of her family.

Early Success With Instagram And Snapchat

First, Lena grew her online following on Instagram and Snapchat. At one point, she boasted over three million followers on Instagram. However, her original account is suspended, a regular occurrence according to the star.She evolved her online presence and has over one million followers on YouTube. Today, she takes home a seven-figure paycheck.

In a conversation withForbesabout her rise to success, she spoke about how she broke into the adult industry. “I only got into this business because so many of my followers kept asking me if I had ‘premium’ content. Now I use my social media platforms as marketing tools for my business and [as a way] to meet other creators to work with. I owe everything to the internet and these platforms.”

Creating Her Own Way To Succeed In The Industry

Lena The Plug’s popularity attracted the attention of adult websites, which offered her exclusive deals for nude content, but the money wasn’t right. She toldForbes, “They wanted 50% of the revenue for me showing my entire body online, while they just hosted the site that processed the credit cards. It struck a nerve with me, and I couldn’t get myself to take any of those deals.”

Instead of going with the old-school adult entertainment revenue models, Lena created a website of her own. She could sell her adult content and retain a bigger chunk of the revenue. Now, she uses OnlyFans, and subscribers can pay to get access to her adult content. This makes up 95% of her annual revenue. The rest of the seven-figure salary comes from merchandise and earnings from brand deals.

OnlyFans Controversy

When OnlyFans announced the platform would crack down on sexually explicit content in 2017, Lena spoke out in an interview with YouTuber Philip DeFranco.

“I do feel completely betrayed,” she said. “I feel we completely built the platform and we made it big. But then it became more mainstream and they got loads more influencers…And now it’s like ‘we don’t need the girls that helped us get here and we’re going to try and get more celebrity-type people instead who will never actually cross into the sexual activity.”

She reported that she planned to join another platform that was more supportive of sex workers.

Fortunately for Lena and other creators, OnlyFans reversed its decision six days later, promising that adult content would be allowed on the platform indefinitely.

She Has A Boyfriend Known As ‘Adam22’

Currently, Lena is dating Adam Grandmaison, more commonly known as Adam22. A fellow online superstar, Adam22 is a hip-hop tastemaker who creates podcasts and vlogs forhis YouTube channel, No Jumper.

Lena and Adam22 started dating back in 2016, and they pop up pretty frequently on each other’s YouTube channels. In an interview with Power 106 Los Angeles, Adam22 revealed that they have a “semi-open relationship.”

The pair attracted controversy in 2017 when Lena let Adam22 sleep with her friend Emily. Lena posted a video detailing the experience on her YouTube channel. They released a second video the same year offering tips for a successful threesome.

The couple welcomed their first child in November 2020, a baby girl named Parker. Since becoming a mom, Lena The Plug started sharing videos of her adventures in motherhood.On Instagram, she’s adopted a new moniker: “Lena The Mom.” Check out the cute family:

Lena Won Season 2 Of ‘The Reality House’

Lena The Plug competed in the second season of the digital series, Reality House, in 2020.The show is similar toBig Brother, except that it features digital creators and influencers. In each episode, they compete in wild challenges, like trying to outlast each other in an ice bath. Or in another episode, the challengers had to play a round of cornhole with a box of insects strapped to their head. Someone goes home each week, but Lena outlasted the competition to take home a $50,000 prize.

So how exactly did Lena spend all of that cash? At the end of Season 2, Lena gave away $5,000 to some of her fellow competitors. In a YouTube video, she talked about how she spent the rest of the money: a car, jewelry, and exercise equipment.

This influencer just doesn’t stop—she always has something new in store. We can’t wait to see how she continues to reinvent herself and her career. And we know all of her fans are along for the ride!

Lena The Plug: Everything We Know About The YouTuber And Adult Entertainer (2024)


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