The 30 Best Golf Clothing Brands to Shop in 2024 (2024)


These are the top brands to have you looking fly on the course

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The 30 Best Golf Clothing Brands to Shop in 2024 (1)

Lululemon / BRADY

The 30 Best Golf Clothing Brands to Shop in 2024 (2)

By: Jael Rucker

Published Dec 26, 2023

So, you're a golfer huh? That means you've probably got your fair share of golf clubs, duffle bags, and visors, but do you really have everything you need from a clothing perspective? Think about it—you wouldn't hit the basketball court without a solid pair of basketball shorts and shoes, would you? You wouldn't make your way into a tennis/pickleball match without proper apparel and pickleball shoes, would you? So why would you hit the golf course without the proper apparel and shoes? In order to perform your best, you need to look and feel your best. That's precisely why we've put together this guide to the best golf clothing brands that you can shop right now. Golf apparel has gotten a lot more technical (and attractive) in recent years. What's more, the last several years have seen the emergence of many young brands specifically dedicated towards putting a more modern and fun feel to golf clothing.

There are brands like Lululemon—which is become something of the go-to standard for athletic/athleisure wear, or newer brands like BRADY (obviously helmed by the great Tom Brady who himself is a golfer) that's ran by experts that understand exactly how important performance apparel is from technicality and comfort standpoint. We consider these to be the best golf clothing brands to snatch up the latest and greatest in gear.

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1. Lululemon

What originally started as a brand solely dedicated towards providing yoga apparel for women has since expanded to a full athletic/athleisure company that provides wide ranges of clothes for numerous activities and occasions for both women and men. There's absolutely no doubt that Lululemon is one of the top places to go for menswear apparel and accessories, and as expected, they have a full range of golf clothing that are specifically made for the sport. Options like their famed ABC Pants and Golf Polos are perfect for hitting the course thanks to their comfort, breathability, and style, making a Lululemon one of the top spots for snagging your latest golf digs.



If there's anybody in the world who know's what it takes clothing-wise to for athletes to deliver their best performance on the field, court, track, or course—it's Mr. Tom Brady. When Brady created his namesake brand in 2022, you knew it wouldn't be long before golf apparel joined the lineup seeing as though Brady is an avid golfer himself, and while the catalog may not be as extensive as some other places, what's there is more than enough as far as getting the job done while you're out and about. Sweat-wicking, technical, and the ability to wear casually as well—you won't go wrong spending your coins with the BRADY brand.

SHOP NOW AT BRADY, $75 - $150

3. Wilson

It goes without saying that Wilson is a tried and true, tested brand that has been providing quality golf clothes for decades. Offering one of the largest golf apparel catalogs you’ll find, Wilson boasts a considerable amount of golf polos, pants, tees, hats, accessories, and more. You could go with something that’s easy to pair and work like the Grand Slam Master Jacket or the Staff Performance Pants, which will serve you well on the course. Whatever you’re swinging for (bad pun intended), the Wilson gang has you more than covered.

SHOP NOW AT WILSON, $50 - $200

4. adidas

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that adidas has a section devoted to golf either as they have your typical adidas garments, but cut to offer you just a little more flexibility and space. Not only are the clothes high quality and made with athletes in mind (as is the case with everything adidas produces), but they are still fashionable enough to be worn outside of golfing (or perhaps hitting the office before your evening play).

SHOP NOW AT ADIDAS, $50 - $300

5. Amazon Essentials

Amazon Essentials is a no-brainer here—it’s a one stop virtual shop where you can find just about everything you could possibly need or be looking for when it comes to golf apparel. While their offerings might be the best fit for advanced golfers who need super technical gear, most of the options available work best for those that fall into the beginner and intermediate categories. You also aren’t breaking the bank too much either because Amazon keeps it affordable.

SHOP NOW AT AMAZON, $15 - $100

6. Vuori

Consider Avori for your golf clothing needs as well. While you aren’t to find a specific golf section on their website, performance-based clothing is what’s at the core of the Vuori brand. Top and bottom options like the Cascade Tech Chino Pants and the Strato Tech Polo work well enough on the course while still looking super stylish. Seeing as though Vuori’s products are naturally built to enhance breathability, comfort, and flexibility in addition to its sweat-wicking properties—going with Vuori is a good option as well.

SHOP NOW AT VUORI, $50 - $200


In case you didn’t know, PUMA has a dedicated golf line as well, and it’s loaded with a variety of selections at your disposal. If you’re looking for Polos—PUMA has it available. Need a pair of golf sneakers? They’ve got those as well. How about some laidback chinos/pants that are semi-casual but still athletic? Well, they’ve got those as well. PUMA's entire golf catalog is one worth checking out in our honest opinion, and we can personally attest to the quality, durability, and longevity of their products.


8. Bogey Boys

You've listened to Macklemore, but did you know that he actually has a golf clothing brand? Well now you do. Known simply as Boogey Boys, the brand stems Macklemore's new-found passion for golfing, and it's pretty darn cool if we say so ourselves. Offering a run range of designs, colors, and cool eclectic prints—despite being a young brand, Boogey Boys has quickly risen through the ranks to become an in-demand company with frequent sell outs. The company also has a Macklemore's artistic flair written all over it, which of course makes it even cooler.


9. Peter Millar

Consider Peter Millar for golfing apparel needs as they have an impressive catalog that is rooted in performance, technical features, and pretty affordable considering the quality. If you've ever owned a Peter Millar product, then you already know that the brand offers tapered fits that suit your body but still allow for plenty of movement. Some of our golf favorites from them are the Hales Performance Jersey Polo, the Lava Wash Popover T-Shirt Hoodie, and we must say Peter Millar has the quarter-zip game on lock—you'll be hard pressed to find a brand that has the diverse amount of quarter-zips that they do.


10. Eastside Golf

Eastside Golf is a brand that has experienced immense strides over these last several years in particular. Known for their creative designs and merging together the golf and streetwear scenes, Olajuwon Ajanaku and Earl A. Cooper are the masterminds behind Eastside, which the founders say were created "to raise awareness about golf among youth and non golfers, and inspire the culture while promoting diversity and continuing to be authentic. In the nearly five years since its inception, Eastside has been able to collaborate with the likes of Jordan Brand, making them a brand that needs to be on your radar as they continue to grow.


11. RLX Golf

Ralph Lauren in the originator of the polo shirt. Polo shirts are a staple amongst golfers which means, Ralph Lauren aka RLX Golf when they're in the zone, has plenty of polos at your disposal. And since Ralph Lauren in general has been one of the go-to places to get all of your menswear needs for decades, you can find an abundance of other items in their catalog that will work for a day at the course such as water-repellent jackets, country club sweaters, vests, and slim-fitting (but not too tight) pants. Plus, these clothes look pretty good off the golf course as well, giving you plenty of versatility.


12. Bonobos

While not specifically designated as a golf brand, Bonobos has enough to qualify as being a partial one. A brand that pays homage to the traditional elements of golf style while also modernizing their products in ways that look fresh, unique, and current—Bonobos will definitely get you pointed in the right direction as far as getting your golf capsule wardrobe together in an affordable manner. Whether it's knee-length shorts, performance half-zips, or tailored golf pants, you'll be able to find it at Bonobos.


13. G/FORE

G/FORE is a company that bridges the gap between performance golf apparel and regular everyday wear. Vibrant bold colors and patterns are the name of G/FORE's game, who while not exclusively a golf brand, is still recognized as being one of the best out there for men. From their exotic polos all the way to their motorsport-like shoe designs, G/FORE provides plenty of options for you to take on to the course and country clubs.

SHOP NOW AT G/FORE, $150 - $300


A brand that's been dedicated to luxury sports apparel since 1996, golf is indeed one of the sports J. Lindeberg caters to, and the overall quality of their offerings combined with the vivacious patterns, prints, and neon colors that can instantly be spotted amongst their apparel is one that will instantly have you feeling like a million bucks. From fun slightly eccentric polos down to half and quarter-zip sweaters that you can easily transition from the office to the course, J. Lindeberg has a ton of variety that golf lovers can explore.

SHOP NOW AT J. LINDEBERG, $40 - $1,000

15. Nike Golf

Surely the brand responsible for signing Tiger Woods would have plenty of golf apparel right? Correct! While we can't guarantee you'll play like Tiger, we can guarantee that your golf swag will be on point when you hit the green as the brand gives you a consider amount of golf apparel and accessories to choose from. Of course, there's the standard polos and chinos, but we're especially fond of sneakers like the Zoom Infinity Tour NEXT% Shield, which is super protective and waterproof. Nike is a brand that gives you limitless option when it comes to the golf deck, and that's to be appreciated.

SHOP NOW AT NIKE, $50 - $300

16. TravisMathew

Founded in 2007 by Travis Brasher, John Kruger, and Travis Johnson, TravisMathew is a lifestyle brand that also zeroes in on the California culture of golf. As such, they boast tons of apparel that's either specifically designated as golf or can work for the course, and the quality of their clothes is bar none. While lifestyle is what TravisMathew leans more towards nowadays, they originally started as a golf brand which means just about everything they've got on their website is something that is performance-based and can be worn in action. The prices are great as well when you factor in the type of quality you're getting.


17. KJUS

Founded by Norwegian Olympic skier Lasse Kjus in 1999, KJUS is a brand who in their own words is designed to "break boundaries in performance ski, golf and lifestyle apparel." Technical, precise, and efficient, KJUS operates with the intent to have perform your best, feel your best from a comfort perspective, and look your best in the style department regardless of what sport you're engaging in. Options such as the spacious Bothy 2L Pants along with jackets like the Pro 3L 2.0 are items that are made for the course, and you won't have to worry about any wear or tear in the process because the quality is amazing.

SHOP NOW AT KJUS, $100 - $500

18. Malbon

If you really want to take the coolness factor to the next level, Malbon is the route to go with their slightly preppy but still very much golf aesthetic. If you need it Malbon has it with a multitude of polos, quarter zips, half-zips, and more. What makes Malbon some an interesting brand is their retro/vintage vibe as many of their products have designs such as pinstripes, 1950/1960s cuts and tailoring, and the classic preppy colors like dark green and solid white. Prices are affordable and Malbon is known for doing cool collaborations as well (FootJoy and Coca-Cola for example), so they are definitely another brand golf lovers should be shopping from.

SHOP NOW AT MALBON, $40 - $200

19. MANORS Golf

Speaking of brands that give you preppy golf so to speak, MANORS Golf is the ultimate personification of golfing at an Ivy League School with its quilted vests, slightly oversized hoodies, and tailored sweaters. MANORS is still relatively new brand on the scene, having been founded in 2019 by three lovers of golf and streetwear: Jojo Regan, Luke Davies, Nick Watts. Though MANORS is still rising, the ascension has been a fast one thus far. Looking at all the success and popularity the brand has achieved in just under five years, it's safe to say the best is still yet to come from MANORS.

SHOP NOW AT MANORS, $100 - $200

20. Galvin Green

A Swedish golf brand foundedby entrepreneur Tomas Nilsson circa 1990, Galvin Green is a company that puts making functional golf clothing for professional/avid golfers at the forefront. Technical pieces that are equally comfortable and stylish is what you'll find at Galvin Green, with pieces being easy to mix, match, and wear outside of the course should you want to. From weather-proof GORE-TEX jackets to golf pants that are sweat-wicking and breathable, you'll be hard pressed to not find something that works for your personal style at Galvin Green, and that's to be commended.


21. Quiet Golf

If you are a fan of minimalistic golf styling, then Quiet Golf is definitely a place that you should consider shopping as they keep it simple. You won't find any fancy designs, patterns, and prints at Quiet (hence the name), but what you will find are subtle pieces that standout such as solid color crewnecks with a slight QG monogram that's still strategically placed to catch your eye, and football shirts featuring contrasting colors that make you double blink. Believe us when we say you'll be instantly standing out amongst the crowd with QG piece.


22. Random Golf Club

From its inception, it's been clear that Random Golf Club is a brand that's not here to follow "traditional golf rules," and that's exactly why we're here for them as the odds of you seeing someone wearing an egg shell design at your local uppity country club is probably low. That said, RGC is a brand for those who liking golfing slightly on the wild side, and best of all, there's also opportunities to participate in RGC meet ups with fellow golfers and lovers of the company. You'll ride together, you'll die together—RGC for life.

SHOP NOW AT RGC, $20 - $150

23. Uniqlo

While Uniqlo may not be the first brand that comes to mind when talking about golf clothing, they do indeed have a range to choose from in that area. Now, admittedly, if you're an advanced/professional golfer that relies heavily on super technical clothing for the course, you may have to search elsewhere for your needs. However, if you're a beginner (or just looking for outfits you can wear on a casual day), then Uniqlo has plenty of selections to work with—a good percentage of which are under the $50 mark. You pretty much can't go wrong with Uniqlo.


24. ASHER Golf

ASHER Golf is another top spot to go for your golfing apparel and accessories shopping. Focused on simple garments that promote breathability and comfort, you'll be able to swing all day without ever having to worry about ripping, piling, or tearing. If that isn't enough to sell you, these pieces also look equally great off the course which is always a bonus when it comes to versatility. Golf and dinner sounds like a lovely combination, and ASHER gives you the apparel needed to do both in one-go.


25. Lacoste

Lacoste has brought its own dynamic to the sporty prep look, not just in golf but in every sport it makes clothing and accessories for. Modern styling with a hint of Y2k is what's at the core of Lacoste, with all of their pieces being just functionally/technically efficient as what they are fashionable. It's tens all across the board for their golf offerings, which comes in a range of polos, tees, long sleeve shirts, joggers, and more. Factor that in with the durability and longevity, and you've got yourself a great purchase should you decide to shop at Lacoste (which you absolutely should).


26. Birds of Condor

An Australian clothing brand that offers lifestyle golf apparel, Birds of Candor is another company that has literally adapted a "buck the system" mindset when it comes to their take on what's considered traditional golf clothing. You might get a t-shirt, but that tee will have the words "Golf Sux" in flames in the center. You might get a club sweater, but that sweater will be doused in Y2k style tie-dye. Simply put, Birds of Candor is a brand that plays by their own rules. So if you're willing to play along as well, definitely check out what their full catalog has to offer.


27. Linksoul

Golf is in the bloodline of Linksoul, making them one of the top spots for snagging premium quality gear and clothes. While the brand is known for delivering a diverse blend of shorts, pants, outerwear, and accessories and more, it's their catchy “Make Par, Not War” and dedication to humanity through their pieces that really separates them from the pack. While Linksoul will always make great clothes for you to wear, you can rest assured they'll also be regularly finding ways to improve the world, and that's why we rock with them.


28. Under Armour

It wasn't that long ago where Under Armour would have been overlooked when it came to its golf catalog. That's certainly no longer the case as UA has since evolved into one of the top menswear golf brands. If you're on the hunt for durable golf staples that will last you ages along with being athletic, technical, and comfy, Under Armour is the route to go for sure. There's many different pieces available to grab, so make sure to take a look through everything on their website.


29. Devereux

It's already hard not to be instantly captivated by a brand who's motto is "Play More, Complain Less," but when you take a look at their beautiful garments, the urge to shop increases even more. A family-run business that prioritizes passion and optimism within their work, Devereux's main goal is to be "less boring"—a mission they've accomplished quite well with their clean, fresh, and innovative designs that are also performance-based. Devereux also keeps the price tag affordable, which is yet another reason to give them your time and attention. One of our favorite golf brands at the moment.


30. Rhoback

If simple minimalist performance-driven pieces are what's driving your golf fashion mood at the moment, make Rhoback one of your shopping destinations. A brand with a lot of diversity within their catalog, Rhoback regularly churns out the elevated basics needed for you to succeed on the golf course, with their main focus being breathability, movement, and comfort. Rhoback's garments are lightweight, sweat-wicking, and fast-drying, making them an excellent wear. Reasonably priced with a lot to offer, Rhoback is another favorite of ours that doesn't disappoint.

SHOP NOW AT RHOBACK, $100 - $175

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