Understanding Positions: What is OPP in Volleyball Explained (2024)

What is OPP in volleyball, you ask?

Many are left wondering what OPP is in volleyball.

In the world of sports, especially team games like volleyball, understanding positions and roles can be as tricky as learning a new language.

You see, each position on the court has its unique jargon – OH for Outside Hitter, MB for Middle Blocker…and then there’s OPP.

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Positions in Volleyball: An Overview

Volleyball, a game loved worldwide, is all about strategy and positions.

The dynamics of the volleyball team revolve around seven unique roles on the court.

The Role of Outside Hitters

Let’s start with outside hitters or left-side hitters as they’re commonly known. They also play defense when needed.

Middle Blockers’ Contributions

Middle blockers primarily hit fast-tempo sets right from center-court.

Understanding Opposite Hitters in Volleyball

Ready to dive into the world of volleyball positions?

We’re about to explore one that’s crucial for any successful team – the Opposite Hitter, or “Opp” as it is commonly referred.

Versatility of Opposite Hitters

The opposite hitter plays a significant role on both sides of the court. In this position, you’ll find more insights into this versatile position.

An ‘Opp’ hits behind the setter and can play all around in a 6-1 formation.

A Look at Offensive Contributions

In terms of offense, they are typically responsible for hitting balls set by their teammates from right-side hitters. This makes them critical offensive players during a volleyball match.

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The Defensive Role: Playing Defense Against Left-Side Attacks

On defense? They block against left-side attacks from opposing teams.

Characteristics Of A Good Opposite Hitter:

Now let’s take an example. A well-known name in the American volleyball world known for his vertical jump.

What does he have that sets him apart?

  • Hitting Skills: He has excellent control over his power and direction when hitting volleys – vital skills needed by every good opposite hitter.
  • Fantastic Blocking Ability: The ability to anticipate where an opponent will hit next is key.
  • Efficacious defensive play: An essential aspect contributing towards making your team win matches. Understanding these characteristics can help aspiring players develop their own game strategy and contribute significantly towards scoring points.

The Importance of Defensive Specialists

Let’s dive into the world of defensive specialists, a position that has gained popularity in American volleyball.

These players play pivotal roles in receiving serve and playing defense against opposing teams. This makes them an integral part of any successful volleyball team strategy.

The Libero Position

A unique role among defensive specialists is played by liberos.

Known for their excellence at serve receive and back-row defense, they stand out on the court with their colored jersey distinct from teammates’ gear.

The Defensive Specialist Position

Moving to another crucial player – The Defensive Specialist.

This player substitutes into games for front-row offensive players who may not be as strong defensively. Solid back-row defense and superior serve-receive skills are what make this specialist indispensable to the team’s success.

We’ve seen how these positions contribute significantly to both offense and defense during a match. But there’s more. Serving also plays a vital role in disrupting opponents’ rhythm or even scoring points directly through service aces.

The Serving Specialist’s Role

This role, often overlooked by beginners, is a game-changer on the court. Volleyball teams, as we know them today, have evolved over time to include this crucial player.

Ace Up Their Sleeve: The Serve

Serving specialists are known for their superior serving skills.

In an intense volleyball match where every point counts, these players can disrupt opponents’ offensive rhythm or even score direct points through service aces.

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Making An Impact On The Court

But what makes someone suitable for this position? Volleyball, like many sports worldwide, has its own unique requirements and skill sets needed at each position.

To be effective in this role requires not just power but also precision and consistency when it comes to delivering serves that confound opposing teams.

Tactical Advantage Of A Serving Specialist

Serving Specialists come onto the court specifically to serve – hence their name.

Possessing advanced knowledge about different types of serves, they use strategic placement and variation in speed or spin which creates difficulties for defensive specialists trying to receive the serve effectively.

Becoming A Master Server

If you’re interested in becoming a serving specialist, your journey begins with understanding the importance of mastering various techniques such as ball toss timing, contact, and follow-through, among others.

Check out our comprehensive guide here to help get started on the path towards becoming a master server and scoring points for your team.

The Abbreviations For Volleyball Positions And Their Significance

Cracking the code of volleyball positions can be a game-changer.

In this fast-paced world of American volleyball, understanding these abbreviations is crucial for clear communication during matches and enhancing your overall volleyball knowledge.

A Look at Common Positional Abbreviations

S (Setter): This player sets up offensive plays by feeding balls to hitters. They’re akin to quarterbacks in football.

OH (Outside Hitter): An OH hits from both front and back row on the left side of the court, making them vital offensive players.

Middle Blockers & Opposite Hitters: The Heart Of A Team’s Defense And Offense

MB (Middle Blocker): The MB position primarily focuses on blocking opposing team’s attacks while also contributing as an effective middle hitter when needed. Here’s more insight into what makes a great Middle Blocker.

The Most Difficult Positions In Volleyball And How To Master Them

Ever wondered why certain volleyball positions are considered more challenging than others?

You’re not alone.

In the world of American volleyball, two roles often stand out as particularly demanding – libero and setter.

Why Libero is a Tough Position

The libero position, with its colored jersey, plays defense like no other player on the court.

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This defensive specialist must be agile enough to play defense against powerful hits from opposing teams while also being skilled in serve receive.

Tips for Mastering the Libero Role:

  • Maintain high levels of agility and quickness to react swiftly during matches.
  • Hone your passing skills; accuracy can make or break your team’s offensive strategy.
  • Persistence. Keep practicing until you get it right.

The Challenge of Being a Setter

A good setter essentially serves as an extension of the coach on the court,

Distributing balls efficiently among hitters, setting up scoring points opportunities requires strategic thinking under pressure.

Tips For Becoming A Successful Setter:

  • Fine-tune Your Hand Placement: This will help ensure accurate sets every time.
  • Cultivate Excellent Communication Skills: Good setters know how to effectively communicate with their teammates both verbally and non-verbally.
  • Spend Time Practicing Different Sets: Variety keeps opponents guessing.

In mastering these complex roles within any given volleyball match, players develop essential qualities such as resilience, strategic thinking, and exceptional communication abilities that extend beyond just playing great games.

FAQs in Relation to What is Opp in Volleyball

What is a opp in volleyball?

In volleyball, OPP stands for Opposite Hitter. They play opposite the setter, hitting from behind and playing all around in a 6-1 formation.

What is O and OH in volleyball?

‘O’ refers to the Outside position while ‘OH’ denotes an Outside Hitter. Both terms refer to players who hit and block from the left side of the court.

What is the meaning of outside hitter in volleyball?

An outside hitter plays on the front left side of the court, contributing both offensively through hits and defensively with blocks against opposing attacks.

What is the outside hitter position?

The outside hitter position involves serving as a primary attacker on offense while also providing crucial blocking defense on their respective side of net during gameplay.


In the realm of volleyball, understanding positions is paramount.

From outside hitters to middle blockers, each role holds unique responsibilities and significance on the court.

But what is opp in volleyball?

This stands for Opposite Hitters, players who hit behind the setter and contribute significantly to both offense and defense. They are versatile athletes with strong hitting skills, good blocking ability, and effective defensive play.

Beyond this position we have defensive specialists like liberos that excel at serve receive and back-row defense. Serving specialists too make their mark by disrupting opponents’ offensive rhythm through superior serving skills.

The abbreviations used for these positions facilitate clear communication during matches; S for Setter, OH for Outside Hitter or L for Libero among others.

If you’re intrigued by all things volleyball related – from mastering challenging roles like libero or setter to comprehending game strategies – Volleyball Vantage is your go-to resource.

Here we provide valuable information, tips & resources about this thrilling sport. If you are an experienced player or a novice seeking knowledge, Volleyball Vantage has the resources to meet your needs.

Understanding Positions: What is OPP in Volleyball Explained (2024)


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