Wholesale Bibles & Christian Books | Church Books | Children’s Bibles | Mass Books (2024)

Christian books & bibles are a key part of the education of Christians all around the world. As suppliers of over a thousand different Christian educational and informational items we know we will have what you need whether you are a church, school or general gift shop.

Our collection includes a wide range of different types of bibles, children's books, prayer books, booklets, leaflets and even Catholic Church books for the clergy.

Our range of books and bibles cover many different topics of Christian education and they are also suitable for beginners. Whether it's a small book on how to pray the rosary or a miniature prayer card on the importance of friendship, our items will cover any and all of your Christian educational needs.

This includes the importance of the rosary, your first Holy Communion, Confirmation, “what happens at mass” as well as many different stories about saints and other religious figures.

Our Church books include items such as directories for clergy members as well as bibles, mass books and missals for congregations. This allows any church or similar Christian institution to be well prepared for mass or any other Christian event.

We also have a popular selection of children's Christian books and bibles. They have been chosen to make learning about religion fun and inclusive through picture books, colouring books and painting books.

If you have any questions or queries about any of our books or bibles please do not hesitate to get in touch via phone or email. We are always happy to help. Alternatively, you can check out our frequently asked questions below.

Question: Do you supply bibles?

Answer: Yes, we have a large range of bibles to choose from including children's bibles (my first bible), picture bibles, Jerusalem bibles, good news bibles and other premium bibles made using deluxe materials.

Question: Do you supply family bibles?

Answer: Yes, our family bible range includes our premium range of deluxe bibles with padded hardbacks, gold gilded page edges and family record sections.

Question: Do you supply the new testament book on its own?

Answer: Yes, we have two versions of this book, both are the St. Joseph edition with one being a deluxe version.

Question: Do you supply novena books?

Answer: Yes, we have a sizable number of novena books available with a number of items exclusive to CBC Distributors. Each novena book is colour illustrated and includes Italian artwork depicting many different saints and religious figures. We also supply more deluxe novena books with gold embossing and padded backs.

Question: Do you sell St. Joseph picture books?

Answer: Yes and this particular collection of fifty books is exclusive to CBC Distributors and covers a wide range of religious stories for children including, The Holy Eucharist, Children’s Prayers to Mary, The Ten Commandments, Our Lady of Lourdes, The Sacraments of The Church and many more.

Question: Do you have books on Communion and Confirmation?

Answer: Yes, we have a number of books depicting what a first Holy Communion and Confirmation are and why they are important. We also include similar books with prayers within our Communion and Confirmation gift sets.

Question: Do you have books on the holy rosary?

Answer: Yes, all of our rosary products come with a card or booklet on how to pray the rosary but they are also available on their own as colour illustrated booklets or leaflets.

Question: Do you have books on Catholic Popes?

Answer: Yes, we have a small range of books which cover the current Pope and those who have come before them. They include Popes, Francis, John Paul II and John XXIII.

Question: What Christian books do you supply for children?

Answer: Our selection of children's Christian books include prayer books, coloured illustration books, pop-up books, slider books, colouring and painting books. All books cover a wide range of Christian topics such as religious ceremonies, the rosary, Mass, Communion, Confession, how to say various prayers and insights into various religious figures.

These books also span across various ages so you can find suitable material for babies, young children learning to read and even young adults.

Question: Do you stock books on Irish saints?

Answer: Yes, we have a collection of books related to Ireland and their Irish saints Patrick, Brigid, Columban and Kevin.

Question: What Church books can you supply?

Answer: Our Church books include, Sunday Missals, Mass Intention Book, Holy Communion of the Sick, Morning & Evening Prayer (long and short edition), the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults, Ordo, Book of Blessings, Pastoral Care for the Sick and the Dictionary of Mary.

Question: What are your Prayer card and leaflet products?

Answer: Our prayer cards are small pocket sized pieces of paper, usually laminated, that include a religious prayer or inspirational message on the front and back. These items also come in combinations which also include religious medals, pocket tokens and rosary beads.

Our leaflets are similar to our prayer cards but they are slightly bigger and not laminated. We have a selection of over a thousand prayer cards and leaflets to choose from and they are a great addition to any gift store.

Wholesale Bibles & Christian Books | Church Books | Children’s Bibles | Mass Books (2024)


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