An Inside Look At Clark Drum, Juliette Porter's Rumored New Man (2024)

So much has happened for the Siesta Key cast on social media lately – a wedding, new flings, and Sam Logan posted on his Instagram Story that they just finished filming Season 4B – but the more things change, the more things stay the same. Even with all of that going on, Juliette Porter is still the one who everyone is talking about. This time, it's Juliette's relationship with Clark Drum that is piquing fan interest.

Before we get to Clark though, we have to address the questions about whether or not Juliette and Sam are together or over. A little over a month ago, Sam posted photos with other women, then confirmed he and Juliette had broken up, then... a friend of Sam's shared a photo of Sam and Juliette looking cozy together. Then... we saw Sam’s new fling with Meghan Bischoff on social. Then... things got messy.

Meghan let her followers know that she had no idea what was really happening between Sam and Juliette, explaining on social that it hurt to feel like maybe Sam was using her to get back at Juliette.

Meghan and Sam were the biggest talking point in the Siesta Key universe for a while, until Clark showed up this week.

We first met Clark on, where else, Instagram. Juliette went public with him as her date to Madisson and Ish Soto’s wedding on October 24 and her post left us with more questions than answers.

Who is he? What about Sam? Is this Juliette’s new boyfriend? Is Clark on the new season? Is this why Sam brought Meghan as his date? Is JAM really over? Let's get into it.

Are Clark & Juliette Official Official?

Other than Instagram – which, to be fair, feels very official – neither Juliette nor Clark have publicly labeled their relationship. Bringing someone as a date to a wedding doesn’t a relationship make and neither does posting with them (if that was the case, the cast would all be dating each other at the same time) but it does signal something.

As far as I can tell, Clark isn't in the Siesta Key group (he's from Fort Lauderdale, which is on the other side of the state), which is probably a good thing. Juliette's relationships with past Siesta Keyers Alex Kompo, Robby Hayes, and Sam didn’t seem to go well. Perhaps an outsider is what she needs.

It's worth mentioning that there's a crazy rumor that Clark is actually related to Chloe Trautman. Which, if that's true... I'll just leave it at that.

Where's He From & What School Did He Go To?

Clark is from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. and went to the prestigious Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, which costs $13,500 a year. He played football there and after graduating in 2012, went to West Point for a year, and was a wide receiver on the football team.

It seems he transferred to the University of Alabama and graduated in 2017.

What's Clark's Job?

Clark's social media is a little dry, so he might be a little more private than what we're used to, but it’s honestly refreshing. He posts a lot with his mom, dad, and little sister and brother.

While at Alabama, he worked as a recruiting specialist for the (I assume) highly ranked football program. (He doesn't specify for what sport he recruited.) After that, he worked briefly for the NFL before coming home to the family business.

His family seems to own two companies, Drum Realty, and The Lauderdale Marina, and Clark started working for Drum Realty in July of this year. On LinkedIn, he writes:

"Located at Lauderdale Marina, specializing in premier luxury waterfront real estate in Fort Lauderdale. I am the 4th generation of Realtors with Drum Realty, a family-owned company located in our own historic marina. Drum Realty has earned an international reputation built on offering the highest quality properties with the most personalized service. Also located within our family-owned marina is 15th Street Fisheries, a waterfront restaurant, as well as a certified Boston Whaler dealership."

What Does The Cast Think Of Him?

Liking and commenting on Instagram is basically a stamp of approval, and Juliette's cast members Camilla Cattaneo and Chloe have "gone public" with their blessing. You have to assume that since Maddison and Ish allowed Juliette to bring him as a guest to their wedding, they approve (or at least, don't disapprove) of Clark, too.

On the other hand, if a follow on Instagram means more than a like or a comment, well, then Clark is out of luck. No one from the cast follows him, not even Juliette! Shout out, though, to Bravo's Summer House and Winter House star Paige DeSorbo, who for some reason follows Clark. Dying to know the backstory there.

What's Sam Think Of All This (Not That It Matters, But Still)

Sam doesn’t really seem to be too bothered about Clark and Juliette. In the screenshot above, he actually responds to someone and says that he wishes Juliette the best and it’s simply none of his business.

Jam seem to be civil enough to attend a wedding each with new dates so, maybe they really are okay after a little while apart with new people. Or they aren’t! Who knows! We'll find out – MTV cameras were rolling.

So Will Clark Be On The New Season?

We know from social that Madisson's wedding was filmed, so it stands to reason that Clark is in the new season. Why would he miss his shot to promote his business, and why would MTV miss out on capturing the drama? Neither would, so I'm pretty sure we'll see him on screen very soon.

November is creeping up and MTV promised that Siesta Key would be back before the end of the year... cheers to new love, new seasons, and lots of drama ahead.


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An Inside Look At Clark Drum, Juliette Porter's Rumored New Man (2024)


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