Siesta Key's Juliette Porter Compares BF Clark Drum, Ex Sam Logan (2024)

Finding what she wanted! Juliette Porter has relocated from Siesta Key, Florida, to Miami — and it’s only made her relationship with boyfriend Clark Drum stronger.

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“I love Clark so much. He makes me feel really stable, comfortable [and] happy,” theSiesta Keystar, 25, exclusively toldUs Weeklyon Thursday, October 20, while promoting the upcoming season of the renamed Siesta Key: Miami Moves. “We have such a healthy relationship. I think that’s something I really want people to notice this season and not jump to conclusions by some of the story [lines]. He’s different than the men I’ve dated in the past and I’m trying to learn from those mistakes and bring that into my next relationship.”

She added: “I know what I don’t want in men and Clark is what I do want. He’s not a narcissist. I mean, he might be the first guy that isn’t a narcissist that I’ve dated. So that’s really great for me.”

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Juliette and Clark, 28, have been linked since October 2021, and their relationship milestones will be featured on season 5 of the MTV reality TV series.Siesta Key: Miami Moves— which premieres later this month — sees the swimsuit designer transition from Siesta Key to Miami to help strengthen both her business and her romance.

“I think everyone that’s ever started [dating] long-distance and then ended up moving closer to each other, that you do see a huge transformation,” the Florida native toldUson Thursday. “When I moved to Miami, like, I was really struggling in the beginning, trying to adjust to how my relationship dynamic, a new apartment, being in this city, everything’s way more expensive here [and] not being around my family anymore. And you know, these are things that I feel a little more grounded now.”

While Juliette has adjusted to her new normal, Clark is still getting used to his girlfriend’s life in the spotlight.

“[It’s] a tough transition from being, like, a very normal person to then dating someone that a lot of people talk about and have their opinions on,” the MTV personality said, noting her beau isn’t interested in filming scenes forSiesta Key. “It’s always hard for me to start a new relationship and then kind of bring them into this world. I always complain about the fact that, like, I don’t know how to train someone to be in this life.”

She added: “[Clark] definitely struggled a lot feeling normal because it’s also a reality show. It’s drama and then you kind of have to discuss things you wouldn’t normally want to be out in the public. It’s not something you can just learn in one season.”

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Clark is very “supportive” of his girlfriend’s career and filming expectations, though watching her work with ex-boyfriend Sam Logan is challenging to comprehend.

“He doesn’t love it, but he understands that this is my job, and so, we like to keep it really real. Like, if I don’t have to talk to Sam, I’m not going to,” Juliette — who split from her 31-year-old costar in August 2021 after less than two years together — toldUs. “I have moved on from that so much. There’s nothing I need to talk to Sam about. We don’t share anything anymore. You know, like, it’s done.”

Juliette and Sam’s tumultuous relationship, and subsequent breakup, played out on season 4 ofSiesta Key,which aired on MTV earlier this year.

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“I’m single,”the Concierge Automotive Services owner announced their split via Instagram in August 2021 after he was spotted partying with multiple girls. “I’m not trying hard to make anyone jealous, I did that during my last breakup and it’s immature and dumb as hell. I’m literally just posting my life like every other person. I’m single, I’m allowed to do as I please.”

Following their breakup, Juliette’s been candid about finding a supportive partner with whom she can share her life.

“I bruised his ego, for sure,” the JMP The Label designer toldUsof her ex on Thursday. “I think that one of his main issues is the inability to move on and let go and I think that he thinks he might still have feelings for me, but that has to be some other issue that he’s battling ‘cause the reality [of the] situation and I think what he fails to forget is, like, we weren’t happy. Like, it wasn’t just me.”

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While the former couple navigates their changing dynamics, they still both star onSiesta Key— and have both relocated from Siesta Key to Miami.As Juliette balances her new romance with Clark and her thriving fashion business, Sam has entered into a “complicated” situationship with costar Jordana Barnes, according to a season 5 trailer.

Siesta Key: Miami Movespremieres on MTV Thursday, October 27,at 8:00 p.m. ET.

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

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