Clark Drum Gets Mixed Reactions Over Reluctance To Film Siesta Key (2024)

Siesta Key (2017)

Clark Drum Gets Mixed Reactions Over Reluctance To Film Siesta Key (1)

By Alexis Morgan

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Siesta Key (2017)


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Clark Drum Gets Mixed Reactions Over Reluctance To Film Siesta Key (5)

On the premiere of Siesta Key: Miami Moves Juliette Porter’s boyfriend Clark Drum got mixed reviews from fans over his lack of enthusiasm and unwillingness to be filmed for the show. The couple has been together since October 2021, and it appears the show started taping the newest season in early summer 2022. But Clark has expressed a dislike for appearing on the show, as was seen in a recent episode.In the episode, Juliette invited Clark to her launch party in Miami for her bathing suit company and a phone call was shown where she asked him to come. He reminded her that he really doesn’t want to appear in front of the cameras, and the phone call ended with Juliette hanging up on him. Fans are split on whether they think Clark is making a good decision or a suspicious one when it comes to his not wanting to be on TV. Twitter user @nicol34x said, "Okay I'm not liking Clark so far. Why is he giving Juliette an attitude over the phone? He sounds defensive”. The fan also added that Juliette’s castmate Chloe Trautman may be right that he seems like he is hiding something.Related: Cara Geswelli Hints Siesta Key Season 5 May Be The Last

Siesta Key Fans Aren't Sure What To Make Of Clark, & Neither Is Chloe

Siesta Key star Clark is a licensed yacht broker for a company called Kitson Yachts and he lives in Miami, where Juliette has recently moved. In the episode, he did end up coming to the launch party, despite his earlier-mentioned reservations. Twitter user @TitiRGlitz commented, "Clark not wanting to film isn’t shady it’s just he isn’t looking for fame and this whole show is drama and Juliette keeps saying he doesn’t like drama." This sort of opinion seems to make sense because of his view the whole time. Chloe on the show was very vocal about her opinion of her Siesta Key castmate Clark. However, there are fans as well that think she is a bit hypocritical in her viewpoint on the matter.

Chloe’s now husband, Chris Long, did not make many appearances on the show before the couple was married. Some fans called her out for this on Twitter, but she has ignored these comments. The whole situation on the show with Juliette's new man is controversial because some people seem to understand his adversity to being on camera, while others think he should just do it for the sake of being there for his girlfriend and supporting her. Because a lot of the other cast have relationships that are with other stars of the show, it makes it easier for them to stay out of situations like this. It does appear to add an extra layer to date someone who isn't in the inner circle of the show.

The episode ends with Chloe sharing that she is upset with Juliette, but she doesn’t say what for. If it is related to her relationship with Clark or something completely different, fans just aren’t quite sure. With the mixed reviews of Clark, it is safe to say he will be heavily judged on his behavior for the rest of the season. The preview of how the rest of it is going to turn out shows him in some questionable scenes. While some think that it’s the right call and a green flag that he wants to stay out of the drama and craziness of the show, others think it’s not right that he doesn’t want to support his girlfriend who is the face of Siesta Key.


Source: @nicol34x/Twitter, @TitiRGlitz/Twitter

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Clark Drum Gets Mixed Reactions Over Reluctance To Film Siesta Key (2024)


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